Enter Once, Sync the Rest

Free up your time and reduce spend to run the business


PowerSync seamlessly synchronizes your Magento store data with Salesforce CRM and QuickBooks Online

Process Automation
Seamless Integration

Reduce Manual Entry

Enable your sales and inventory management teams to focus on what they do best

Process Automation

Automate Your Process

PowerSync connector will share data between integrated systems automatically

Time Saved

Eliminate Human Errors

PowerSync helps you reduce human errors & mistakes to a minimum


Free Up Your Business...

Simplify your data entry process with Salesforce and QuickBooks

Salesforce + Magento

Time Saved
  • Product, customer & order sync
  • Multi-store and multi-currency support
  • Standard fulfillment integration
  • Fully customizable field mapping options


Salesforce + Magento 2

Time Saved
  • Product, customer & order sync
  • Flexible field mapping options
  • Comprehensive test coverage
  • Open source


QuickBooks + Magento 2

Time Saved
  • Product and product inventory sync
  • Customer & address sync
  • Invoice and payment sync
  • Tax and discount support


Reel In Time, In Real-Time

Time is money, PowerSync adds huge time savings for your business
Process Automation

Ditch Double Data Entry

Enter once, PowerSync will sync the rest

It takes human several minutes per record to enter the information into another system on average. PowerSync helps automates this process and eliminate human error from the equation.

  • Automated synchronization
  • Supports 1M+ records
  • Designed with data normalization in mind
  • Highly configurable to support many edge-cases
Process Automation

Take Control of Your Business

Have control of your data like never before

Is your business process unique? Not to worry. PowerSync allows you to synchronize data between custom fields out of the box.

  • Scheduled or real-time synchronization
  • Built-in support for business best practices
  • Included product support
  • Best in class solution for small to enterprise level merchants

Sync Praise

What customers are saying about PowerSync

“Before PowerSync, our customer service reps had to manually input customer and order information into Salesforce. This platform has saved us over 6 man hours a day, freeing up our customer service reps to attend to other projects! Highly recommend this service!!”

Mark Chenoweth, Director of Sales & Marketing

NewMedical Technology, Inc.

Number’s Don’t Lie

See what some of our customers are experiencing with PowerSync
Seamless Integration

6 Man-Hours Per Day

Time saved by eliminating manual data entry efforts

Process Automation

Same day integration

Total time needed to setup basic integration with Salesforce or QuickBooks

Time Saved

Millions of Data Record

Enterprise Plan offers a connector capable of synchronizing millions of records

See for yourself!

We are happy to schedule a demo with your company to showcase the functionality behind the PowerSync connector.