Manage all your subscription and recurring transaction needs in Salesforce.

No more platform hopping!


Maximize Your Revenues

Reduce Friction

Reduce friction of acquiring and managing subscriptions.

Process Automation

Automate processes and allow staff to focus on building relationships.

Scalable Solution

Invest in a scalable solution that grows with you.

mPower Your Business

Grow Your Subscription Business

Powerful automation for repeated order creation process.

Enhance Recurring Transactions

Easily integrated with any internal or external financial suite.

Smooth Setup, Delightful to Use

Simple configuration and setup, powerful features.

Subscriptions, Under Your Control

Manage all your subscription business needs in Magento. No more platform hopping!

  • View and modify active subscriptions.
  • See subscription history and receive past due payment and card expiration notifications.
  • Make mass price changes across different subscription terms.
Subscriptions, Under Your Control

Keep Recurring Business Occurring

Automate your recurring billing. No more manual process!

  • A flexible way to create custom billing frequencies.
  • Automate all your recurring billing needs.
  • Manage trials and expirations.
  • Never miss a subscription renewal with automated renewals.
Keep Recurring Business Occurring

Built to Delight

Designed to be customizable to fit your business processes.

  • Smooth, no nightmare installation.
  • Once installed, daily use is a breeze.
  • Designed specifically for subscription and recurring transaction business needs. No extra stuff to get in your way.
Built to Delight
Customers Love Options

Customers Love Options

Give your customers a tailored experience by providing them with the flexible options and billing preferences.

Completely, For You

Made for all organizations with a subscription-based business model with Magento 2.

mPower works wonders for:

  • SMB’s, enterprises and non-profit organizations.
  • Service companies, including Software.
  • Subscription retail.
  • Organizations offering membership plans.

Core Features

Salesforce Subscription Management

  • View and modify active subscriptions.
  • See subscription history, including orders, payments, status changes and more.
  • Subscribe to multiple products unders the single subscription profile.
  • Past due payment notifications & reports.
  • A flexible way to create custom billings frequencies for your business.
  • Apply various discounts using Salesforce Pricebooks.
  • Easy setup and integration with internal and external financial systems.
  • Built to work with all native Salesforce objects to offer most flexibility.
Salesforce Subscriptions Core Features

More Power to You!

Let mPower super charge your subscription payment offerings today.