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Magento 2 Subscription and Recurring Payments Module

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Enable the ability for customers to activate subscriptions on products, and develop consistent revenue streams:

  • Track & manage customer subscription on Magento itself (No Payment gateway dependency);
  • Supports PayPal through Braintree standard Magento payment method;
  • Compatible with 100+ payment gateway extensions with Magento Vault support (New!);
  • Enable Subscription for specific Customer Groups (New!);
  • Supports Cash on Delivery payment method (New!);
  • Highly secured & PCI compliant;
  • Customer notified on subscription start, end, cancelled or update;
  • Use eWallet to pay for the initial payment and installments.

Make sure that extension are compatible with new versions of Magento, equipped with the latest features and provided with technical support. Find out more in our Changelog.

Sell recurring products and services to your customers

Take a closer look at what Magento 2 subscription and recurring payments plugin will look like from a customer’s standpoint. Scroll the carousel for a complete overview of the module. 

"I wanted an intuitive yet robust back end admin area where we could set up our products.

We could add a discount at the product level. We can toggle on or off which products were available for subscription. But then also one of our requirements was we had different customer types, and there were only certain customer types that were able to purchase certain products… Everyone I talked to, a couple of them said, we can’t do this custom work… And PowerSync was really the only one who said, yeah, no sweat, we can do it.”

Carl Schwartz, SVP Revenue, Chief Customer Officer

$20M+ in Recurring Revenue since 2019

This is the only extension on the market that has the wide variety of features and flexibility your growing business needs to meet the fast evolving subscription industry and the recurring business model. 

Overview of Magento 2 Recurring Payments and Subscription Extension

The Challenge. Buyers are willing to make a single purchase and not repeat it over time. Online stores spend millions of dollars planning inventory stocking and getting customers back. Like many other online stores, Magento 2 does not offer the tools to build long-term partnerships with customers.

The Solution. The subscription model is gaining popularity as more customers find purchasing long-term supplies a more convenient option. This form of membership is suitable for both sellers and their customers. Consider integrating a Magento 2 product subscription extension; it helps you meet buyers’ demands with the all-inclusive subscription system. The module supports popular payment systems so that shoppers can subscribe to the supply of desired goods effortlessly.

Magento 2 recurring payment extension is an improvement for a conventional online store. Implementing the subscription model will help engage more buyers who will purchase regularly. 

The benefits of having subscription and recurring payments for Magento 2 for your business:

  • Manage customer recurring payments for Magento 2 without struggling with any integrated payment gateway.
  • Full compatibility with most of the existing payment extensions.
  • Multi-currency transactions.
  • Accept payments via PayPal and Cash.
  • Offer free trials, free delivery, and discounts.
  • Reliable notification system.
  • Security-first and PCI compliant.
  • Allows creating subscriptions for selected customer groups.

Magento 2 Subscription and Recurring Payments Features

Hassle-Free Purchasing Experience

The Magento 2 subscription plugin makes purchases effortless. This encourages occasional shoppers to become your loyal customers.

One-Click Skip/Pause/Cancel Subscription

Many buyers fear not being able to manage their subscription. With Magento 2 recurring billing extension, customers have complete and transparent control over their subscriptions.

Comprehensive Payment Gateway Support

The Magento 2 recurring payment extension is compatible with more than 100 payment gateways, so paying for the subscription will be no issue for any buyer.

Superb Subscription Management

With the Magento 2 subscription plugin, users can manage multiple subscriptions for individual products in one place. Features include the setting of the renewal period, billing address management, credit card verification, and payment information saving.

Multiple Payment Methods are Supported

Any eWallet integration, Magento stripe payment integration, PayPal payment system integration, Magento authorize.net payment integration, and other secure payment methods can be implemented. Hence, customers have multiple options to choose from.

Purchase Subscriptions and One-Time Products

With the Magento 2 subscription module, customers won’t have to switch between purchasing regular products and subscriptions. The shopping cart has two different sections that help effectively manage purchases.

Grow your revenue with Magento Subscription Extension

Focus on strategy and service instead of asking your customers to buy the same products again and again.

Magento Subscription Extension: Product options when setting a recurring order
  • Sell Box Subscriptions
  • Auto-ship products to loyal customers
  • Charge customers recurring Membership fees
  • Charge for Software Licenses & Support
  • Offer Product or Service subscriptions
  • Ask for recurring Donations

Magento 2 Subscription Extension UX

Designed intuitively to meet your business needs

  • Notify customers about any changes to the subscription (eg. expiring credit cards, upcoming renewals)
  • Process & Receive past due payments with a click of a button
  • View customer account history, subscription products, and preferences
  • Make mass prices changes across different subscription terms
  • Group products based on subscription terms and shelf life
Magento Subscription Extension: Making changes to your active subscription

"That's the whole business case for us….

We get predictable revenue. We get…the same dollars that we’re investing, you know, over and over again end up…getting focused on new customers instead of…re-acquiring the same old customers. So it’s dramatically more efficient.”

Jim Perkins, Allies Group PTE LTD

More Features of Magento 2 Subscription

But hold on, there are even more handy features of subscription extension for Magento 2:

Independent payment scheduling

Customers can see regular and trial subscription periods and manage them separately.

Editing options for the products

With this plugin, users can remove or add items to their active subscription. They can change configurations and quantities for the next order or permanently.

Detailed information for a subscription

Options of a subscription can be shown on the product page directly, as well as in the cart.

Extended marketing opportunities

Offer customers free shipping as a bonus for the subscription, or other small, incentivizing benefits.

Hide or show the cancellation link

You may limit the opportunity for customers to cancel particular plans.

Email integration

"Extend subscription" functionality can be added as an optional opportunity to any transactional email, so customers no longer have to check out again.

Supported Payment methods

All offline Magento payment methods

Check/Money order

Purchase Order

Bank Transfer

Cash on delivery





Other integrations

Your Success is Our #1 Priority

  • Onboarding support
  • Payment gateway support
  • Designed for intuitive daily use
  • No extra stuff to get in your way

Installation and ongoing support options

PowerSync is dedicated to making your business process easier and clearing your schedule. “White glove” installation and ongoing support for mPower are available upon request.

Reasons to Choose PowerSync

PowerSync is a reliable contractor that offers Magento 2 Salesforce integration and Magento quickbook online integration services. We ensure that the plugin works seamlessly in your business environment. Besides, we perform Magento Stripe payment integration, Magento authorize.net payment integration and other full-cycle services, so you do not have to outsource any part of the work.

"mPower. Flexible Payment Gateways

Maybe the biggest benefit to my business since we begin with mPower is probably the administration of recurring payment(s) with mPower. And mPower recurring payments are not only on one payment (gateway)…We use only BrainTree… but if tomorrow I want to use Stripe for recurring payment(s), I would be able with mPower. I’m not limited to BrainTree recurring payment(s) only…they (mPower) manage all the recurring logic with Magento and I can use the payment gateway I have acquired from my school based on what is the best on the market. So Braintree is one. But if tomorrow I want to change, I can. “

Carole Darche, Online MBA institution (INSEAD)

Magento 2 Recurring Payments Extension FAQs

A user receives a notification every time they subscribe, cancel the subscription, or should pay to prolong the subscription. Also, Magento 2 subscription module sends notifications about discounts and coupons.

Magento box subscription extension can be adjusted, so users see notifications after signing up to the system.

If integrated by a reliable contractor, there are minor risks of malfunction.
Yes, the newest updates will be integrated into your business environment automatically.
Yes, cash on delivery payment option is fully supported.
You will need to request Magento Stripe payment integration services to have the payment system successfully installed in your business environment.
Yes, you can see the extension on the screens above, or you may contact us so we can offer you some other options.
There are no specific limitations for types of products, so all of them are supported by default.
Any business must meet the requirements of Stripe’s financial partners, credit card network providers, and regulators.
Every buyer has complete control over their subscription, including pausing and canceling options.

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