Salesforce and Stripe Integration

Simplify payment collecting by using only one Salesforce Stripe integration from PowerSync. From now on, you or your teams don’t have to expend effort to capture and process credit card payments in Salesforce and Stripe. Instead, focus on the vital points for your business and our integration will take care of the routine tasks.

Enjoy the powerful and nimble connector

Easy to install

It only takes a few clicks to get operational.


Stripe integration is PCI compliant.

Business critical

Supports all common business needs.

The main benefits of Stripe and Salesforce integration from PowerSync

1. Operate payments efficiently

With this Stripe Salesforce integration extension, you are able to access all of the payments from any device and wherever you are.

2. Stay secure and protected

The integration is fully PCI compliant with side Stripe.js tokenization.

3. Leverage the payment process

Process one-time credit card or ACH debit payments directly in Salesforce.

4. Flexible payment options

The Salesforce and Stripe Integration solution lets you collect partial payments with the simple click of a button.

5. Automatic Billing

Integrating Stripe to Salesforce natively works with Recurrex which lets you handle any recurring payments and subscriptions.

6. Install easily

The Stripe and Salesforce integration provides quick and effortless installation.

Salesforce Stripe Integration connector allows you to process payments in Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. The API works with any Salesforce native or customer object. Your sales and accounting teams will no longer need to juggle between multiple platforms when doing their day-to-day activities.

Stripe Virtual Terminal for Salesforce (Secure & PCI compliant)

Stripe and Salesforce integration process from PowerSync


Yes, no sensitive information is captured, stored, or transacted in Salesforce.
  • Charge customer’s credit card without leaving Salesforce;
  • Initiate an ACH debit without leaving Salesforce;
  • A PCI compliant solution;
  • Natively works with Recurrex (subscriptions and order automation solution for Salesforce).
Yes, partial payments are supported out of the box.
You will need to input a routing number and an account number for direct debit. After the bank record is created, you must go through the bank validation step. Stripe will make two temporary micro-deposits. When deposits show up, you will need to enter the amounts of those micro-deposits in Salesforce on the bank record to confirm the bank. After this validation step is complete, you will be able to draft funds directly from the bank.
Stripe users in the United States can accept ACH Direct Debit payments from customers with a US bank account using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments system operated by Nacha (the governing body that oversees ACH network).
Yes, you are able to issue a full refund for any payments processed through our Salesforce and Stripe integration without leaving Salesforce.

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