Salesforce Payment Platform

Take payments easily and securely in Salesforce with one-time and recurring/subscription billing.

Save Time, Securely

Accept secure, PCI-compliant payments through Stripe directly in Salesforce. No more switching back and forth between platforms or dealing with slow integrations.

Simplify Getting Paid

With our Stripe virtual terminal and powerful subscription / recurring payments functionality, it’s easy to take payments and add them to any process.

Grow Your Business

Automatically collect on invoices and customer approved orders, all within Salesforce. We’ve streamlined every step and designed for scale and flexibility.

Increase revenue while reducing manual work

Watch this short video to see how order automation and payment processing via Stripe in Salesforce Sales Cloud can help you save time and grow your recurring revenue.

All your customers, all your payments, all in one place

Getting paid doesn’t have to be complicated – take one-time payments from clients in seconds and set up flexible subscription automations all from within Salesforce.

We make it easy with Salesforce-native code that will never let you down, and PCI-compliant tokenization that keeps your customer data safe, secure and out of your databases.

Powersync takes care of the logistics so you can focus on what you do best. Schedule a complimentary consultation to get all the details.


Salesforce Payment Virtual Terminal
and Subscription Management Solution

Salesforce Payments is a highly configurable Salesforce extension
built to fit your unique sales processes and scale as you grow.

  • Take one-time payments from inside of Salesforce
  • Easily create subscriptions from an opportunity
  • Apply discounts & take partial payments
  • Access payment information from any device
  • Visualize all your financial information in Salesforce
  • Stay secure with PCI-compliant Stripe.js tokenization

How will Salesforce Payment Platform fit your business needs?

Stuart Kiely Digital Strategy Matouk

"There was enough flexibility in the product that we could do exactly what we needed without any customization."

“Transactions are just one part of the customer journey…With PowerSync, [Salesforce] is more holistic and offers a more complete and up-to-date picture of all our customers, their purchasing behaviors, product preferences, etc. This data forms the foundation of a strong brand that can deliver a top-quality customer experience informed by data.”

Stuart Kiely, Digital Strategy @ Matouk


Yes, no sensitive information is captured, stored, or transacted in Salesforce.
  • Charge customer’s credit card without leaving Salesforce;
  • Initiate an ACH debit without leaving Salesforce;
  • A PCI compliant solution;
  • Natively works with Recurrex (subscriptions and order automation solution for Salesforce).
Yes, partial payments are supported out of the box.
You will need to input a routing number and an account number for direct debit. After the bank record is created, you must go through the bank validation step. Stripe will make two temporary micro-deposits. When deposits show up, you will need to enter the amounts of those micro-deposits in Salesforce on the bank record to confirm the bank. After this validation step is complete, you will be able to draft funds directly from the bank.
Stripe users in the United States can accept ACH Direct Debit payments from customers with a US bank account using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments system operated by Nacha (the governing body that oversees ACH network).

Yes, you are able to issue a full refund for any payments processed through the Salesforce Payment Platform without leaving Salesforce.

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