Magento Stripe Integration

Magento Stripe Payment Module

Stripe Payment Gateway Integration in Adobe Commerce/Magento lets your customers pay for your products and/or services through your website in a safe, PCI-compliant manner

Accept Stripe Payments in Magento

Magento Stripe Payment Integration Features

Stripe is first and foremost a technology company with a mission to increase the GDP of the internet. It offers a payment gateway specifically designed to facilitate recurring billing, including for the e-commerce platform Adobe Commerce/Magento. The core offering includes extra features, such as a set of open APIs and metered recurring billing to help you automate payment operations with Magento Stripe integration.

The Adobe Commerce/Magento Stripe integration from PowerSync is a fully PCI-compliant solution, allowing retail merchants to accept payments in Adobe Commerce/Magento through the integration of Stripe and Magento platform. Securely accept payments using the Stripe.js tokenization; credit cards are never entered or stored in Adobe Commerce/Magento. The merchant can connect the Adobe Commerce/Magento platform to a Test or Live Stripe transaction gateway.

When enabled and configured, your customers can use all credit cards supported by the payment gateway. Your customers will also have an option to securely “save” their payment method (payment token) securely in Magento eCommerce platform for faster checkout in the future. The PowerSync extension supports 3D Secure transaction validation if the customer’s bank requires advanced level validation.

  • Accept Payments in Magento

    Your customers can pay for products and services on your website using the Stripe payment gateway for Adobe Commerce/Magento.

  • Authorize or Authorize & Capture

    Decide when you want to instantly capture a customer payment or only capture it when items are shipped or services delivered.

  • Re-use the Same Card for Future Orders

    Your customers have a way to save their billing & payment details for a faster checkout in the future.

  • Subscriptions & Recurring Billing

    Use mPower to unlock recurring billing and subscription management in Magento. With the Stripe for Magento 2 module, you can facilitate recurring billing and subscription management for your customers.

  • Secure Data Storage

    Integration with native Magento Vault for enhanced security, card information is never stored in Magento for PCI compliance. The integration between Magento and Stripe payment gateway ensures secure data storage and PCI compliance.

  • Country Filter

    A flexible integration allowing you to filter out countries you wish to exclude from this Stripe Magento integration.

  • 3D secure support

    For extra fraud protection, 3D Secure (3DS) requires customers to complete an additional payment verification step.

  • Partial and Full Refunds

    Automatically refund your customer when you create a Credit Memo in Adobe Commerce/Magento for an Order. The Magento 2 Stripe integration also allows for partial and full refunds for your customers.

Adobe Commerce/Magento Stripe Payment Extension Module

Since its development in 2010, Stripe has earned the title of one of the best products on the ePayment market. Even big players like Amazon and Facebook use Stripe for their payment options. By integrating the Stripe Magento module into your Adobe Commerce/Magento 2 store, your company can utilize native Stripe APIs to take full advantage of the service.

Admin Configuration

Upon installation of the Adobe Commerce/Magento Stripe payment extension, you can proceed with module configuration that includes entering details like API Keys & API Tokens for the integration. Afterwards, the integration can be enabled and exposed to your customers to start using. The Adobe Commerce/Magento Stripe Integration Configuration for the Stripe payment Magento 2 module is easy to understand and can be completed by a non-technical person. Debugging mode can also be enabled to ensure the services are working properly if any issues arise with processing customer credit cards.

Process Refunds​

Processing refunds with the Adobe Commerce/Magento 2 Stripe payment module is also a very easy activity. Simply issue a Credit Memo for the customer, using the standard Adobe Commerce/Magento flow. At the end of creating a credit memo, choose one of the following options: Refund or Refund Offline. Monitor the refund status of a standard refund in the Stripe Account Dashboard to ensure the refund is processed in a timely manner. With an offline refund, you will need to manually issue a refund via Stripe’s interface.

Saved Cards

Saved card management is also included in the Adobe Commerce/Stripe payment gateway Magento 2 extension. The customer has full access to use their saved cards for any new orders they are about to place. Customers can view and remove any saved cards.


Stripe is certified a PCI Service Provider Level 1, considered the highest level of certification in the industry. Using Stripe services, you can be sure that your company’s and user data will be safe and protected.

By default, the 3D authentication feature is disabled, but you can easily enable it in the Stripe Billing menu. The 3D authentication feature has become more common in the eCommerce market and is proven to add an extra layer of security and stability for the customer.

The Adobe Commerce/Magento Stripe payment module allows customers to save their credit or debit card information to streamline future purchases. They also have complete access to their saved cards. Customers can add, or remove cards at any time

The Stripe payment module for Adobe Commerce/Magento does allow online and offline refunds to accommodate customers in case an issue occurs.

Stripe is a world-renowned brand that supports most credit card brands, including American Express, China UnionPay (CUP), Discover & Diners, Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), Mastercard, and Visa.

Yes, PowerSync has created this integration and offers it to the eCommerce industry at no additional cost.

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