Magneto Quickbooks Online Integration

Magento 2 Integration endorsed by Intuit, makers of QuickBooks

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Synchronize critical interdepartmental data for your accounting department.

PowerSync’s QuickBooks integration connects your Magento 2 store with your QuickBooks Online account. It synchronizes information between them automatically – including customers, products, and sales data. Our integration works night and day to ensure you can focus on what’s most important to you – growing your business!


Quickbooks Online Integration Features:

  • Product detail integration
  • Product synchronization
  • Normalization prevents duplicate records
  • Hands-on Installation Assistance
  • Invoice & Payment integration
  • Built-in Tax and Discount support
  • Supports all Magento payments methods
  • Dynamic Tax synchronization
  • Secure customer data integration
  • Invoice tracking & billing support
  • Invoice Synchronization
  • Opensource for Simple Customization

We know how your systems should work together.

Time is money. Effortlessly add huge time savings to your business with our Salesforce & Quickbooks Online Integration.

Cut Out Guesswork

Focus on growing your business instead of spending endless hours researching and maintaining it.


Make Better Business Decisions

Improve the quality of your reporting and make decisions based on current data


Take Control of Your Business

Keep data synchronized between the critical systems you rely on


Ditch Duplicate, Manual Work

Set best practices on each side of the integration & let automation do the rest

Numbers Don’t Lie. Our customers have reported:


6 Extra Hours/Day

by cutting out manual data entry


15 Minute Set-Up

with our intuitive online connector


Millions of Records

synced in minutes with enterprise-grade accuracy

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