QuickBooks + Magento 2

An Intuit-endorsed solution for QuickBooks Online.

Close the gap to ensure complete and accurate accounting when using QuickBooks Online and Magento 2 platform.


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FREE Trial

Try Magento 2 + QuickBooks Online integration for free.

Gives You:

  • Customer sync

  • Customer address sync

  • Data normalization

  • Extension tests

  • Books balanced quicker!

Magento Open Source

Formerly known as Magento Community, perfect for small businesses.

Gives You:

  • Product & inventory

  • Invoice & payment

  • Sales receipt

  • Tax rates & accounts

  • Payment method integration

Magento Commerce

Formerly known as Magento Enterprise.

Gives You:

  • Refund receipt

  • Bundled products

  • Configurable products

  • Tax multi-account support

  • Bulk & scheduled sync

The Workflow You Have Always Longed For

Data entered in Magento seamlessly flows into QuickBooks capturing business critical data in for your accounting department.

Reel In Time, In Real-Time

Time is money, PowerSync adds huge time savings for your business.

Ditch Double Data Entry

Enter once, Powersync will sync the rest.

Accelerate your business by keeping your ecommerce data in sync with mission critical systems you rely on.

  • Reduces operational cost
  • Eliminates human error

Take Control of Your Business

Have control of your data like never before

Enterprise grade Magento and QuickBooks Online connector capable of synchronizing millions of records while following best practices set in place by systems on each side fo the integation.

  • Enables your staff to focus on business-critical activity
  • Increases the quality of your reporting
  • Allows decisions based on current data

Core Features

Balance the books...Quicker.

Update the Old, Reflect the New.

Automated system that works night an day for you to ensure you can focus on growing your business instead of spending endless hours maintaining it.

Customer Synchronization

Enter new customers or update existing customer information in QuickBooks Online automatically.

Product & Inventory Synchronization

As you catalog changes, enter new products or update product information in QuickBooks Online.

Invoice Synchronization

Automatically capture invoices and payments in QuickBooks Online.

Tax Rates Synchronization

Ability to automatically sync tax rates from Magento and QuickBooks Online (enter once, sync the rest).


Data Reflection, No Duplication.

When it comes to data, clones make everyone groan. Eliminate duplicate data entry in QuickBooks Online that is usually caused by a manual entry process.

Powersync, Enhanced for Magento 2

QuickBooks Online + Magento 2

Test for System Integrity

Built leveraging the Magento 2 test framework.


Installation Wizard

New Installation Wizard makes the setup more streamlined and simple.



No more IonCube headaches and more freedom for your development team to make customizations that best fit your business.

Powersync Features

QuickBooks Online + Magento 2
  • Customer integration
  • Customer Addresses support
  • Build with data normalization in mind
  • Product integration
  • Product Inventory Management
  • Simple, Virtual and Downloadable product are supported
  • Invoice & Payment integration
  • Built-in Tax and Discount support
  • All Magento Payments Methods are supported
  • Dynamic Tax synchronization

Number’s Don’t Lie

See what some of our customer’s are experiencing with Powersync.


6 Man-Hours Per Day

Time saved by eliminating manual data entry efforts.


15 Minute Integration

Total time needed for basic setup of Magento 2 and QuickBooks Online connector.


Millions of Data Record

Enterprise grade Magento 2 and QuickBooks Online connector capable of synchronizing millions of records.

Installation and Support Included

Powersync was built to make your business process easier and free up your time. For this reason, all Powersync product subscriptions now include installation and support to get you up and running.

System Requirements:

  • QuickBooks Online account
  • Magento 2.2+

More Power to you!

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