Salesforce + Magento

The simplest and most flexible way of integrating Magento entities with Salesforce objects


The Workflow You Have Always Longed For

Data entered in Magento seamlessly flows into Salesforce capturing business-critical data in for your sales team.

Reel In Time, In Real-Time

Time is money, PowerSync adds huge time savings for your business.

Ditch Double Data Entry

Enter once, Powersync will sync the rest.

Accelerate your business by keeping your ecommerce data in sync with mission critical systems you rely on.

  • Reduces operational cost
  • Eliminates human error

Take Control of Your Business

Have control of your data like never before

Enterprise grade Magento and Salesforce connector capable of synchronizing millions of records while following best practices set in place by systems on each side fo the integation.

  • Enables your staff to focus on business-critical activity
  • Increases the quality of your reporting
  • Allows decisions based on current data

Core Features

Everything you loved from Powersync, now better.

Update the Old, Reflect the New.

Automated system that works night an day for you to ensure you can focus on growing your business instead of spending endless hours maintaining it.

Customer Synchronization

Every new customer registration or update to an existing customer record is mirrored in Magento and Salesforce systems.

Bulk Synchronization

Enterprise grade solution allowing synchronization of existing records between Magento and Salesforce. Millions of records? No problem!

Data Normalization

Built-in logic to prevent data duplication.


Fine Tune Your Process.

Does your business use a unique process? No problem, our technical staff loves challenges of all sorts and is eager to help.

Attribute Mapping

Full control over what data you want to be mirrored in your other system during synchronization.

Solving for the Enterprise

Multi-currency and Multi-store capabilities are enabled out of the box.

Fulfillment Capabilities

Ability to track product inventory, invoices, shipments and tracking numbers.


Data Reflection, No Duplication.

When it comes to data, clones make everyone groan. Eliminate duplicate data entry in Salesforce that is usually caused by a manual entry process.

Powersync Promise

What you get with every PowerSync product

Seamless Integration

Easy to start. Powersync integrates seamlessly with native Salesforce objects.


Process Automation

Eliminate double entries. Powersync will allow you to automate your existing process.


Time Saved

No more lag-time. Powersync syncs data between Magento and Salesforce in realtime.

Find the Perfect Plan

The perfect choice for your business

Magento Community

All our features, for all your data!

Perfect for:

  • Magento Community merchants & integrators

Gives You:

  • Bulk data synchronization

  • Abandoned carts

  • Bi-directional sync

  • Powerful data mappings

  • Person Account support

Magento Enterprise

All our features, for all your data!

Perfect for:

  • Magento Enterprise merchants & integrators

Gives You:

  • Integrated Wishlists

  • Multi-currency

  • Salesforce Campaigns

  • Invoices and Shipments

  • Built for Enterprise scale

Custom Plan

Need customizations?

Perfect for:

  • Merchants, resellers & system integrators

Gives You:

  • A custom solution to fit your business needs

  • Cart2Quote integration for B2B merchants

  • Custom data lookups

  • White-glove installation

  • Premier support

Powersync Features

Salesforce + Magento 2
  • Customer synchronization
  • Ability to assign Magento customers to a single Account in Salesforce
  • Magento customer and Lead integration to track conversion
  • Duplicate record merging capabilities
  • Product synchronization
  • All Magento product types are supported
  • Integration with PriceBooks
  • Configurable price accuracy
  • Multi-website pricing model support
  • Support for PersonAccounts (B2C)
  • Order synchronization
  • Option to capture abandoned carts and non-paid orders as Opportunities
  • Ability to see all orders placed by a customer
  • Ability to use Fee Products in Salesforce
  • Powerful and flexible filed mappings

Number’s Don’t Lie

See what some of our customer’s are experiencing with PowerSync.


6+ Man-Hours Per Day

Time saved by eliminating manual data entry efforts.


48 Hour Integration

Total time needed for basic setup of Magento 2 and Salesforce connector.


Millions of Data Record

Enterprise grade Magento 2 and Salesforce connector capable of synchronizing millions of records.

Installation and Support Included

PowerSync was built to make your business process easier and free up your time. For this reason, the professional installation and support is available upon request.


In addition, you will also need to install a two to four managed packages from Salesforce AppExchange.

System Requirements:

  • Magento 1.7+
  • PHP 5.6+
  • SOAP
  • SSL

More Power to you!

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