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How Environmental Lights streamlined their sales operations with Magento and Salesforce CRM

PowerSync helped Environmental Lights sync thousands of records between its Magento eCommerce platform and Salesforce CRM. They also assisted the company with its transition from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

"Without PowerSync, we could not run our business the way we do today."
Jamison Day Headshot

Jamison Day

CEO at Environmental Lights

The Challenge

In 2016, Environmental Lights — a San Diego-based industry leader in providing LED lighting solutions for studios, stages, and live events — implemented Salesforce as its CRM. It was looking for a way to sync hundreds of thousands of records between its Magento eCommerce platform and Salesforce CRM.

Jamison Day quickly realized the need to synchronize the data from the company’s existing Magento eCommerce website. He wanted to give his sales team the ability to see customer and order information in Salesforce and avoid spending time on manual data entry or switching from one system to the other.

That’s when Jamison Day discovered PowerSync’s Magento + Salesforce integration. By providing its staff with easy access to information, Environmental Lights has enabled its sales team to be more efficient and effective.

"Our sales team is able to see all of the information from Magento without having to leave Salesforce, ...

... Moreover, if they wish to drill into more detail, PowerSync provides extensive linking between the two systems, so navigating back and forth between Magento and Salesforce is simple and easy."

Jamison Day Headshot

Jamison Day

CEO at Environmental Lights

The Solution

In addition to integrating a “rock-sold, feature-rich” solution that met his business needs, Day praised PowerSync’s responsiveness and support.

"Unlike other monolithic software companies I’ve worked with, the PowerSync team tried to understand what I [needed] to accomplish ...

and acted as true partners in devising ways to meet my goals, even doing hot-patches on occasion and updating their code to meet my requirements. They spent many hours (and many late nights) ensuring our implementation was as smooth as possible. Notably, PowerSync was able to address some of our specific needs in a software update/release, showing astounding agility and customer focus in a short time. I give PowerSync my highest recommendation.

Jamison Day Headshot

Jamison Day

CEO at Environmental Lights

Fast-forward to 2020, and Environmental Lights made the decision to migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2. With that transition came the opportunity to incorporate PowerSync’s Magento 2 + Salesforce integration that offers the same time-saving functionality. PowerSync also worked with Environmental Lights’ system integrator, Digital Operatives, to customize a solution that met all of the company’s needs (including integrating the Magento B2B negotiable quotes functionality with Salesforce).

"We were hand-in-hand with Environmental Lights, acting as one company to ensure customer success."

Igor Krasnykh Headshot

Igor Krasnykh

CEO at PowerSync

Environmental Lights is among the many businesses that are leveraging system integration to maximize their potential. The impact is so powerful, in fact, that Environmental Lights CEO Jamison Day says the company would struggle to thrive without it.

Many companies rely on CRMs to track every customer interaction, but Day said he believes his company would have to abandon Salesforce if PowerSync’s integration did not exist. That’s because hundreds of hours are saved each week with PowerSync’s Magento + Salesforce integration.

In his own words

Jamison Day, CFO of Environmental Lights

Environmental Lights Testimonial

“By nature of integration, it’s not as sexy as a front-end thing, right? That’s okay — that’s just the nature of the product … it’s plumbing, right? So you don’t get excited about the pipes in the wall, right? But you are really thankful that the company servicing those pipes, if, God forbid, anything goes wrong, they fix it.

If I imagine the world without our PowerSync, essentially, I think we would have to abandon CRM. Every time you update account information, you’d have to also update in Salesforce, and then every time you had a quote in Magento, you’d have to recreate it in Salesforce? The amount of time it would take to do the administration of that would likely dwarf the incremental value of having a CRM.

We could not run our business without you. What are we gonna do like a hand type in all that stuff? No. We couldn’t run the business. We couldn’t run the business the way we do today.

The thing that I value about you and your team above all else is your responsiveness and your very clear, sincere engagement and caring about me. I feel like you’re always there for us. Your product does everything that I need to do, and I know that if there’s something that it can’t do I know I can call you, the leader of the company, and you will personally get involved to make sure that it gets fixed, and that’s worth a ton.

As technologists, you guys are fantastic. You know Magento. You know Salesforce inside and out. And that, together with this attitude of caring and responsiveness, then I’ve got all I need. I don’t even need to look elsewhere. That’s invaluable.”