Why TCW Digital Chose PowerSync’s QuickBooks Integration

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TCW Digital is a team of full-service digital marketing experts, who pride themselves on customer service and proven ROI results for their clients. The agency provides services ranging from ecommerce, to SEO and SEM, photography and videography.

The Problem

One of their clients approached them with a unique situation. They needed to integrate their newly built Magento 2 website with QuickBooks Online and only synchronize a subset of their customers and invoices. After having evaluated a different QuickBooks integration, which proved to have multiple connection and service issues, the TCW team wanted to be sure that the integration they choose for their client would meet their needs. This is when they contacted PowerSync.

The Solution

After meeting with TCW Digital and their client, PowerSync was able to propose a solution with added filtering logic to solve their unique use case. The customization was completed quickly and the client was up and running on the new extension in just a couple of weeks.

“Our experience with the PowerSync team was great,” says Tim Wagner of TCW. “[They] worked closely with us and with our client to answer our concerns and create a solution that all parties were satisfied with… The real value of the [PowerSync] connector is in its flexibility and the level of support that is provided on an ongoing basis,” added Tim. “Constant honest communication is the most essential part to developing trust in a business relationship. The PowerSync team are great communicators and are always willing to go the extra mile to track down and solve an issue.”

The Outcome

It has now been almost year since we implemented this QuickBooks Online integration and we are proud to report that we both still have a happy mutual client. The merchant continues to leverage the integration to automate their processes and, as a result, is able to save operating cost and feel confident in the quality of their data. When asked if TCW would work with PowerSync again, Tim said the following:

“We will only give a recommendation to one of our clients if we have complete faith in the professionalism, customer service and good will of the company that we are recommending. PowerSync has proven to be worthy of such a recommendation.”

PowerSync would like to thank TCW Digital and all of our other partners for trust they place in us daily and allowing us the opportunity to work with their clients. While some implementations are more complex than others, we welcome them all. We realize that no merchants are exactly alike, and we approach each one of their projects as an exciting opportunity to learn more. And for that we thank you again!

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