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Magento 2 Salesforce Integration Demo

By Anna Krasnykh July 11, 2018 2570 Views No comments

The Salesforce integration for Magento 2 from PowerSync offers a flexible and customizable way to synchronize store data with your CRM. By automating the data flow, you can reduce manual data entry, and eliminate wasted time and human error. PowerSync's extension is unique because the integration is highly configurable and can be made to fit any organization's processes. The following video demonstrates how an order placed in Magento gets synchronized with Salesforce.

Benefits of using CRM for Ecommerce

By Anna Krasnykh May 23, 2018 5473 Views 1 comment

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential part of any organization and ecommerce is not an exception. When implemented correctly, a CRM platform provides access to invaluable information about your customers and business operations. It can make your staff more efficient, act as a critical tool to guide business decisions, and, as a result, increase your bottom line.

Looking back at Dreamforce 2016

By Anna Krasnykh October 20, 2016 5423 Views No comments

Installing Salesforce Managed Package

By Powersync Team January 25, 2014 5712 Views No comments

Installing Salesforce managed package into your Salesforce Organization

Configuring Salesforce Managed Package

By Powersync Team January 25, 2014 5984 Views No comments

Making necessary changes to your Salesforce organization to ensure smooth integration with Magento

Data Synchronization from Salesforce to Magento

By Powersync Team January 25, 2014 6311 Views No comments

Enabling Salesforce to push data into Magento

Magento and Salesforce: Together can deliver great results for Ecommerce

By Powersync Team June 28, 2013 0 Views No comments

Magento Ecommerce is widely considered to be one of the most powerful and flexible e-commerce solutions. It's an engine to numerous ecommerce sites that manages everything from functionality of the online store to the user experience. Magento happens to be an open-source platform with customizable and proficient software that assists in e-commerce management. The program consists of a dynamic and flexible catalog management system that permits you to have even 20 online stores from a single admin panel. It's an international platform that can make every online business successful; no doubt 25% of ecommerce websites operate through this. Being helpful to world leaders, the scalable technology is sure to benefit small scale companies as well.

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