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Magento 2 and Salesforce Integration: Release# 2.3.8

By Anna Krasnykh August 14, 2018 1583 Views No comments

Magento 2 + Salesforce Release #2.3.8 - FREE Version (Released on 08.14.2018)

Magento 2 + Salesforce Release #2.3.8 - Paid Version (Released on 08.14.2018)

Magento 1 – Salesforce Connector - v.01.58 – Now Available!

By Powersync Team August 21, 2017 1923 Views

This release brings some great enhancements. It includes a complete overhaul of historical logic around Salesforce Opportunities and Orders. With this new version, merchants will be able to capture Abandoned Carts and Unpaid Magento Orders as Salesforce Opportunities. All Magento Orders, which are paid in full, will be captured in Salesforce as Orders. As always, the objects are linked in Salesforce, resulting in a better view of your sales funnel. In addition, Magento wishlists are now synchronized with Salesforce as Opportunities, allowing you to cater your sales and marketing strategies based on that data.

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