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Success Story: John Matouk & Co.

By Asha Rochwani May 23, 2016 3101 Views No comments

Shipment, Invoices, Campaigns, Currency Rates and more, all in a single release

By Powersync Team May 11, 2016 3046 Views No comments

Asnnouncing invoice and shipment, currency rates sync capabilities, Salesforce Campaigns integration and flexible directional mappings support

PowerSync v0.01.53.15 released!

By Asha Rochwani March 9, 2016 2949 Views No comments

Our team is delighted to announce the new release of PowerSync version The new version brings 8 new features and 50+ bug fixes.

Using PowerSync events to trigger or bypass Salesforce synchronization

By Powersync Team August 2, 2015 3508 Views No comments

PowerSync offers system integrators and developers a way to initiate data synchronization from Magento into Salesfoce via PHP code or prevent synchronization all together.

Powersync v0. is released

By Powersync Team March 21, 2015 3817 Views No comments

New version of PowerSync connector is announced. Several new features and many bug fixes...

  • New Feature (major): Integration with Accounting Seed (read more)
  • New Feature (major): Added ability to synchronize Abandoned Carts in Magento to Salesforce
  • New Feature (major): Salesforce Professional version is now officially supported

PowerSync partners with Accounting Seed

By Powersync Team March 21, 2015 3458 Views

Accounting Seed and PowerSync are happy to announce partnership between two companies to help merchants bridge the gap between CRM, ERP, Accounting and e-commerce worlds.

Powersync v0. is released

By Powersync Team February 14, 2015 5555 Views 1 comment

New version of PowerSync connector is announced. Several new features and many bug fixes...

Installing PowerSync Magento Extension

By Powersync Team December 26, 2014 5074 Views No comments

Instructions on how to install PowerSync Magento extension in Magento

Magento and Salesforce: Together can deliver great results for Ecommerce

By Powersync Team June 28, 2013 0 Views No comments

Magento Ecommerce is widely considered to be one of the most powerful and flexible e-commerce solutions. It's an engine to numerous ecommerce sites that manages everything from functionality of the online store to the user experience. Magento happens to be an open-source platform with customizable and proficient software that assists in e-commerce management. The program consists of a dynamic and flexible catalog management system that permits you to have even 20 online stores from a single admin panel. It's an international platform that can make every online business successful; no doubt 25% of ecommerce websites operate through this. Being helpful to world leaders, the scalable technology is sure to benefit small scale companies as well.

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