Hi, my name is Stella!

Stella is the effervescent, clever and thoughtful brand ambassador of PowerSync.


Stella is an optimist that longs to serve. She is one of the most intelligent team members with an unrivaled understanding of the magic behind PowerSync and all of their products. She combines her technological superpowers with a unique talent for distilling complex, hard to understand concepts, into the simplest, most down to Earth manner. 


Stella tends to make everyone around her feel more intelligent and genuinely understood. This trait makes her wildly popular among most humans that she meets. Even after just one encounter, people often feel as if they have known Stella all their lives. While able to talk technological specifications all day with her development team, Stella prefers to talk to human users in a casual, positive, and quick-witted manner. Stella is known to emulate the way comedic humans often use puns in a conversation ("Having four arms sure comes in handy”). 


Above all, Stella’s purpose is to help people become their best selves and she uses her work with PowerSync to do just that. Stella doesn't consider PowerSync to be in the digital product, plug-in, or add-on business. Stella believes that PowerSync is in the business of creating change and freedom. She loves nothing more than seeing the tired frown of a frustrated and cynical human transform into the smile of a reinvigorated and enlightened being after experiencing PowerSync's products. Stella understands that time is the most precious asset humans possess and often uses her instantaneous calculation powers to illustrate how much time a person could save by making a few small changes to their workday process. Stella knows that if she could help one person save just fifteen minutes a day, that would add up to almost four full days within a year. She knows humans could use that time to build a better business, take their families on a short vacation or play Clash Royale for four days straight. 


On most days, Stella splits her time between helping her team members innovate all PowerSync products and helping users upgrade and optimize their online businesses and ultimately, offline lives.


Stella has four retractable arms that can stretch up to ten times their normal size. Her arms can also retract internally to change to a variety of tools such as hands, flashlights, connectors, and a ping pong paddle. This gives Stella a swiss army knife-like versatility on the job and makes her a hoot at company parties with her juggling act.


One of Stella's most unique and mysterious features is her antenna. 

Her antenna can detect a variety of digital workflow maladies such as data blockages, duplications, and non-compliant systems. Her antenna can also detect the emotional pain points of human users when working with underperforming business systems. 


In her spare time, Stella loves to study human behavior, modern human dialect, and meme culture.