Have you ever realized more efficient ways of accomplishing tasks while using a program? You may have thought to yourself, “The developer should make it to where you can [fill in the blank].”

Many software developers welcome and rely on customer feedback to improve their products. Salesforce, a leader in Customer Relationship Management, is asking its customers to share which initiatives it should work on next.

Users have until Feb. 3 to make their opinions count. Each voter is given an allowance of 100 virtual coins to vote on initiatives in the IdeaExchange. The coins may be spread out or be used toward one top pick.

Those who want to cast votes must first log into the Salesforce Trailblazer community via a Salesforce, Google, LinkedIn or email account. Here are the top 11 initiatives as of January 22. If any of them resonate with you, feel free to go vote.

Idea No. 1: Add a new Standard field type

Often times Address blocks need to be added to Custom Objects or even Standard Object (often to Opportunities for example to identify precise shipping locations). The Address type already exists, but Admins can't create them. Open it up!

Idea No. 2: Prevent Email-to-Case from creating multiple cases on the same email thread

Some NDS and bounce responses to new cases being created through email-to-case cause an infinite email loop. The email goes from SFDC to an address that generates a new but related email which it sends to SFDC. This then generates a new case email from SFDC. This then loops continuously. Having some logic or filtering on the inbound emails in SFDC to stop this would save 1000's of 'bomb' cases.

Idea No. 3: Improved declarative change and release management in Lightning

I think there should be an ability to clone inbound change sets in a sandbox. We are a large organization who has several testing levels and is required to audit "changes" as they flow through the various sandboxes set up for the testing levels. Having to upload the change set from the "dev" level does not meet the requirements for tracking changes. It would be easier to "relay the change set" from sandbox to sandbox to production (i.e. dev to test to uat to production). So the ability to "upload" and inbound change set to another sandbox - or at a minimum the ability to clone the inbound change set as an outbound change set (for subsequent uploading to next level.

Idea No. 4: Expanded metadata support for Declarative Change Management in Service

Would like to see the functionality to deploy standard objects via change sets. This should include picklist changes and all page layouts. It is frustrating that we need to replicate all picklist changes on standard objects when deploying from sandbox to live as changeset do not support standard objects. Close Case page layout is missing from the changeset options and cannot be deployed.

It does not work properly for deploying email templates if they are in a sub folder. Even when adding the folder to the changeset it fails. The folder must manually be creating in the target ord before the change set can work.

Idea No. 5: Allow opportunity product to lookup field in Lightning

Allowing Lookup fields that can target Opportunity Products would significantly expand the possibilities for creating dynamic Quotes and Work Orders. If you copy an Opportunity Product (as done in the Apex Sample Application) the connection between the new Object and the original Opportunity Product should be maintainable so that changes to the Opp Prod can be reflected in the new Object.


Idea No. 6: Field history tracking for tasks in Lightning

Provide the ability to track history on Tasks.

Idea No. 7: Opportunity queues in Sales

Currently you can create Queues for Leads, Cases, and Custom Objects. Customers would like the ability to create Queues for Opportunities.

Idea No. 8: Filter dashboard via URL parameters in Analytics

I would like to have the ability to open a dashboard with a filter set by URL.

Example: We have a standard dashboard for all Marketing Campaigns which can be filtered by each specific campaign to show general progress & statistics. On the Campaign object we would have a formula field which would link to the dashboard passing the ID of the campaign to the filter.

When viewing a campaign, users would then easily be able to jump to the campaign dashboard to see real-time statistics on the progress of the campaign.

This functionality already exists for reports using the ?pv0= query string at the end of the report URL.


Idea No. 9: Allow reference line on dashboard components in Analytics

When editing a chart in a report, you can add a reference line. This should be made available for dashboard charts as well.

Idea No. 10: Allow the ability to assign owner of a dashboard in Analytics

Currently, the only people that are able to edit a dashboard are the dashboard creator and individuals with the 'View all data' permission. At a minimum, there should be a dashboard 'owner' that can be assigned and transferred. In point of fact, anyone with the permission to edit dashboard should actually be able to EDIT DASHBOARDS!

Idea No. 11: Allow to show or hide legend on dashboard components

Provide the option to NOT display any legend at all. Currently, the only option within dashboard settings is whether to display a legend to the right or at the bottom. Would love to see the ability not to display a legend at all. Discovered today after working with Premier Support that several of my dashboards that do not show any legends are actually a bug. This came up after producing a stacked bar chart with too much detail in the legend to be of any use...it just takes up space. I could not remove the legend entirely. Simply add a third option to display no legend.

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