Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that enables businesses to excel in a number of different areas. It has divided its different service categories into “clouds,” each of which serves a unique purpose.

The Salesforce Sales Cloud aims to help businesses convert more leads and close more deals. It takes prospects through personalized customer journeys and gives businesses the insights needed to adjust strategies.


What is a Salesforce Sales Cloud extension?

While the Salesforce Sales Cloud comes equipped with many features, there are many extensions available in the Salesforce AppExchange that enable users to expand on its functionality. 

Digital extensions are products that can be added onto software. Developers create the extensions to fulfill needs that the off-the-shelf product does not come with. Some are offered for free, and others can be purchased.

Some extensions are also known as integrations because they enable two separate systems to communicate with each other and work together. 

Listed below are five Salesforce Sales Cloud integrations that eCommerce merchants can use to benefit their businesses. 


1. Recurrex subscription management

Sales teams can not function when the data in their CRM does not exist, is not up to date or is inconsistent. When these issues arise, businesses are put in the position to purchase cumbersome products, spend hours fixing data manually or hire developers to create custom solutions. Recurrex for Salesforce is a single solution that solves all of these issues.

This Salesforce Sales Cloud extension is a powerful tool that simplifies subscription business processes. It provides a way to easily acquire and manage subscriptions. Because once-manual processes are automated with Recurrex, sales teams are able to save thousands of hours and focus on what really matters (like building relationships).

The extension is built for scale, so it accommodates increased volume as businesses grow. Those who are interested in trying the product can take advantage of a 15-day free trial with no credit card or commitment required.


2. Salesforce + Magento integration

Salesforce Sales Cloud Magento integration

Do you operate your eCommerce business on the Magento platform? If so, PowerSync’s Salesforce + Magento integration solution is worth considering.

The extension is the most flexible way to integrate Salesforce objects with Magento entities. It provides a way for businesses to automatically synchronize business-critical data from Magento into the Salesforce Sales Cloud. It eliminates the need for duplicate manual data entry, reducing the chances for human error. Ultimately, it saves businesses valuable time and can greatly reduce operational costs.

The Salesforce + Magento Integration extension is available for Magento and Magento 2. It is available in four tiers — Trial, Standard, Enterprise and Unlimited — so merchants can choose the plan that best meets their individual business needs.


3. Accept mobile payments in the Salesforce Sales Cloud with Blackthorn

Blackthorn for Salesforce Sales Cloud

Do you need a way to accept PCI-compliant donations or mobile payments? Blackthorn offers a solution that does both (and then some). Its Mobile Payments plugin (which works with Salesforce Field Service Lightning and Salesforce Mobile) allows users to streamline payment processing through a configurable virtual terminal that works with any Salesforce object.

An accompanying card reader can also be used to take payments while employees are out working in the field. With just a few clicks, it can process one or hundreds of payments quickly. It also gives a 360-degree view of all Salesforce Sales Cloud payment data.

Because all sensitive credit card data is stored in Stripe, transactions are secure and compliant. The app also allows for mobile check capture and ACH, cash and check-logging. NFC payment methods (like Apple Pay and Google Pay) are also supported.


4. BridgeMail Email Marketing, Marketing Automation & Lead Management

BridgeMail for Salesforce Sales Cloud

If you are looking to increase conversions, email marketing is a proven effective tool. The BridgeMail app allows you to send professional personalized emails to contacts in the Salesforce Sales Cloud by customizing drag-and-drop responsive templates.

The advanced functionality allows for drip message sequencing and automated sales follow-ups. Using a single account, the app is able to send mass emails to clients from different sales reps. Businesses can benefit from real-time sales alerts that are triggered when critical actions are taken on their websites.

The extension also helps keep contacts organized. Users can group them into categories with the use of tags, and their website activity is loaded directly into the contact record. It also allows for advanced targeting and segmentation, as well as analytics to measure effectiveness.


5. Daddy Analytics

Salesforce Sales Cloud analytics

Harnessing insight from analytics can be a game-changer for businesses. Being able to track where sales come from is essential for determining return on investment, or ROI. It is also key for deciding which strategies to nix or keep around.

Daddy Analytics for Salesforce Sales Cloud reveals the source of every lead (whether that be organic search, social sites or Adwords). Beyond that, it reveals the estimated geolocation of each user and how long they spent on each page.

Should your business run another Adwords campaign or focus on Facebook advertising? By taking a deep dive into the analytics data, sales teams are able to target efforts more effectively.