Our team is delighted to announce the new release of PowerSync version The new version brings 8 new features and 50+ bug fixes.

Highlights of Magento & Salesforce connector v0.01.53.15:

With this new release, we are excited to introduce many of the most requested features. Salesforce never had robust logic which helped with data de-duplication. The new connector can now automatically merge duplicate Leads, Contacts and Accounts in Salesforce, providing businesses day-to-day cost savings while managing their customer base in both systems.

In addition to improved de-duplication logic around customers, we are happy to announce yet another avenue allowing merchants leverage Salesforce campaigns. With this new release, merchants can 'associate' products to a Salesforce campaign, allowing to track seasonal products and marketing campaigns.

Another most common request was for the support of State/Country picklists in Salesforce. With the latest update, merchants who use Salesforce Picklists for States and Countries will no longer need to do any customizations in Salesforce to be able to utilize Magento 'State' and 'Country' values.

In addition to the new features listed above, PowerSync has fixed more than 50 bugs and continues to work towards being an exceptional product. You can view the complete list of changes by reading our release notes.

Contact us to upgrade to v0.01.53.15 today.

Have any questions? Email us: support@powersync.biz