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Powersync v0. is released

By Powersync Team February 14, 2015 7691 Views 1 comment

Release notes:

PowerSync is happy to announce the release of its latest module. Several new features have been added and multiple bugs were fixed. It is a perfect time to upgrade and get more out of your connector today!

  • New Feature (major): Integration with Cart2Quote (read more), separate module is available upon request
  • New Feature (major): Order mappings are now being processed on order update instead of order creation
  • New Feature (major): Enterprise only - Only orders with failed dependencies will be skipped instead of halting the entire batch
  • New Feature (major): Enterprise only - Newsletter subscription flag is now carried over for existing customers, instead of when that customer changes their subscription
  • New Feature (major): Enterprise only - Added ability to map Salesforce Order statuses to Magento Order Statuses
  • New Feature (major): Enabled Order notes synchronization when synchronizing into Salesforce Opportunity object
  • New Feature (major): Added 'Tax', 'Shipping' and 'Discount' fee products that could be used to synchronize into Opportunity
  • New Feature (minor): Added new events for order synchronization: tnw_sales_status_update_opportunity, tnw_sales_status_update_order, tnw_sales_process_opportunity, tnw_sales_process_order
  • New Feature (minor): Manual sync pages are now filtered based on your configuration as to which entities you want to synchronize
  • Optimization (major): Enterprise only - re-factored queue processing script to optimize performance
  • Optimization (minor): Code improvement to support module extensibility
  • Bug Fix (major): Enterprise only - Re-enabled API response tracking on failed records
  • Bug Fix (major): Saving Store page was throwing a fatal PHP error
  • Bug Fix (major): Newsletter subscriptions were creating duplicate Leads instead of leveraging existing Contacts and Accounts
  • Bug Fix (major): Opportunity StageName was not being updated properly when order changes status in Magento
  • Bug Fix (major): Synchronization of customers from Salesforce to Magento was not processing date fields properly
  • Bug Fix (major): Synchronization of customers from Salesforce to Magento in some use cases was writing customer property values into wrong fields
  • Bug Fix (major): Issue with order filtering on manual synchronization pages
  • Bug Fix (major): Enterprise only - Contact Us form was creating a duplicate Lead even is contact existed
  • Bug Fix (minor): Enterprise only - Removed 'Process All' button from the synchronization queue pages
  • Bug Fix (minor): Enterprise only - Ability to remove records from the queue even if they are in failed state
  • Other code improvement and enhancements
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