MagentoLive France 2016 was an amazing 2-day event. Among other participants, the attendees included Magento leaders, speakers, agencies and solution partners. This event provided a great opportunity for the participants to get the latest news, partake in conversations about eCommerce trends and growth, and network with knowledgeable community members.

The hot topic and main focus of the event was, of course, Magento 2 (M2). Everyone was talking about the new platform and it's roadmap for the rest of the year after the big launch. The general impression is highly optimistic. Merchants and system integrators are excited about the exciting new features M2 has to offer,which include a more optimized, fast and user-friendly design. The biggest concern, however, was the lack of a migration tool to shift from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

'Should we move from M1 to M2?' 'What about my extensions?' 'How is M2's performance better than M1's?' These were the most common and frequently asked questions about the migration. It's obvious that the topic of transitioning to the new platform is as relevant now as it was when M2 was first announced.

M2 provides an excellent platform, which inherits M1's sophistication, while addressing many of its known concerns around extensibility. It offers the ability to create an even better e-commerce shop for merchants around the world.

PowerSync, Inc is heavily investing their resources in extending M2 capabilities to provide their clients with integration services crucial to every business.

PowerSync at MagentoLive

"I got to speak with a lot of agents and some key players of the Magento team. Everyone was very social and had some great conversations. The highlight of the event included the speeches of Mark Lavelle, Steve Yankovich and Paul Boisvert. I was star struck," says Julide Atasayar, Account Manager at PowerSync, who attended this event, walking away with some amazing things to talk about.

It's worth noting that a big contributing factor to M1's success was the Magento Ecosystem. At the MagentoLive conference in Paris, Mark Lavell, CEO of Magento, announced that the company is extending this initiative further by recognizing their top contributors through the Magento Masters program.

MagentoLive France 2016 was great occasion to meet with the Magento core team, agencies and partners. It was also an excellent time to get feedback about the M2 platform, as PowerSync is getting ready to launch the first version of the Salesforce Connector for M2.

Yes, you heard it right. Our evaluation version of the M2 connector is almost here!

PowerSync, Inc is the only affordable enterprise level solution between Magento and Salesforce, which was proved yet again at this event. There are several technical solution providers who can deliver custom development per the client's needs, but when comes to synchronization between Magento and Salesforce, the depth of the features that they offer is very minimal compared to solutions offered by PowerSync.