May 23, 2019 7:15:53 AM

Each year the biggest event the Magento Community looks forward to is Magento Imagine in Las Vegas. And Imagine 2019 did not disappoint! This year this impressive event brought together over 3,000 people from all around the world. The PowerSync CEO, Igor Krasnykh, was among the attendees this year.

The Keynotes

"I landed in Vegas feeling very excited," says Igor, "I had a full schedule – meetings with clients, partners, other system integrators, demos to show mPower, [a Subscription management solution for Magento 2] and evening networking events. And, of course, I was also planning on attending the keynote speeches.

May 23, 2019 7:14:58 AM

The biggest highlight of the conference, in my opinion, was the second general event that took place at the Wynn Theater. Jason Woosley, the VP of Commerce Product & Platform at Adobe descended from the top onto the stage making it a very splashy entrance. He announced a new collaboration between Adobe and Amazon - branded stores for Amazon sellers using the Magento Commerce platform. The tight integration between the Amazon sales channel and the direct channel using Magento helps merchants attain a consolidated view of their business in a single platform", noted Igor. "Then Jenny Cheng, the VP of Global Professional Services at PayPal joined the stage and talked about her kids using the Instagram commerce channel to buy products. The overall message was very clear - as a merchant, you need to get in front of the customer no matter what channel they are using and provide a seamless and engaging user experience for them to be able to complete their transaction in just a few clicks."

May 23, 2019 7:30:51 AM

The Sessions

Igor said he also tries to attend as many sessions as he can at Imagine and reconnect with some of his old colleagues at Magento (Igor left Magento in 2014).

May 23, 2019 7:10:06 AM

"My favorite session was where the Magento team gave an overview of the most critical features available in Magento 2.3. They also shared a roadmap for what to expect this year. Olena Tkacheva talked about Page Builder and I am very excited about this feature personally, because it will help us maintain our product pages in Magento more easily. I hope I will never have to mess with HTML when tweaking things in our store", added Igor with a smile.

"Then Olga Kopylova spoke to the GraphQL functionality. I was excited to hear that the cart and checkout process will soon be powered by GraphQL. It will make it so much more convenient with the customizations we had to implement for our Subscription Management product for Magento.

At the end of the session, I also grabbed Igor Miniailo, the Magneto Multi-Source inventory champion. We talked about the features and he shared the documentation to help us better understand how these new capabilities will impact our Salesforce integration."

The Clients

In addition to sharing knowledge, Magento Imagine is also a fantastic place to meet with existing clients and talk to prospects. "You never know what new opportunity may end up landing in your lap", said Igor.

"For example, on the first day, I sat down with our client, Mitchell Barczy from Paper Source and we talked about the solution we built for their business, which allows them to manage their Magento Catalog from the platform. During that conversation, each of us shared about new projects we were working on. Mitchell told me what he was focusing on and we identified a new initiative PowerSync could assist Paper Source with.

On the very next day, I was going through my email right before the breakfast at the event and two people joined my seating area. We said hi and started a conversation. I learned that they represented a large company that was using both Magento and Salesforce. They were also shopping for a good Subscription Management capability for their Magento store. I ended up demoing mPower to them right on the spot. The moral of the story here is this - be visible and accessible, always; no matter if it's a new, existing, or a potential client", Igor concluded.

The Partners

"I met with over a dozen Magento system Integrators at Imagine. Some were our existing partners and some that we've never worked with in the past. The beauty of the Magento community is that it is very diverse. Several of our existing partners are overseas and we don't get much face-to-face time, so it was nice to put a face to the name.

Sometimes meeting with the new integrators may also bless you with a surprise. For example, I stopped to talk to 121 eCommerce and within minutes of the conversation Ben Chafetz, the founder and CEO, joined the discussion and told me that he kept hearing about PowerSync from his clients. The feedback he received is that they only trusted PowerSync when it came to their Magento and Salesforce integration. This put a great smile on my face because customer satisfaction is always our top priority."

The mPower Solution

One product we received the most questions about at Imagine is our Subscription Management solution, mPower.

"We have a recurring business model with all of the products we sell here at PowerSync. In search for a tool for ourselves, we ended up reviewing several Subscription Management capabilities available on the market with a hope that one of them would help us run our Subscription business more efficiently while using the Magento storefront. Long story short, there were no extensions that had the features we needed.

In addition to that, we began hearing about this issue from our clients and since then the number of merchants interested in Subscriptions has multiplied. The decision to build our own solution was easy! And what we've implemented offers far more functionality and covers more use cases, even outside of the retail space. Think Publication companies, Software companies, Non-Profit organizations, and the list goes on.

As I ventured at Imagine, I shared our story with many people: merchants, system integrators, and solution providers. I was inspired by the amount of interest this product received. Many were in search for a good solution in the Magento market to help bridge this gap. By the end of the conference, the number of companies interested in mPower were in the double digits. Several Payment Providers approached me about partnering with us to help continue to enhance mPower for Magento and mPower for Salesforce. As competition in the ecommerce industry gets more and more fierce, the popularity of Subscriptions grows. I see huge potential in this sector and am excited to be able to bring the mPower product to the market."

For additional information about our Subscription capability, please contact our team.