The Value of a CRM Integration

Integrate Magento and Salesforce for Great eCommerce Results

Magento Ecommerce is widely considered to be one of the most powerful and flexible e-commerce solutions. It’s an engine to numerous ecommerce sites that manages everything from functionality of the online store to the user experience. Magento happens to be an open-source platform with customizable and proficient software that assists in e-commerce management. The program consists of a dynamic and flexible catalog management system that permits you to have even 20 online stores from a single admin panel. It’s an international platform that can make every online business successful; no doubt 25% of ecommerce websites operate through this. Being helpful to world leaders, the scalable technology is sure to benefit small scale companies as well.

Salesforce, on the other hand, synchronizes all customer data across every node of the company. Being known for CRM & cloud computing, it is a trusted platform to pack all your operations in single application. The integration of Salesforce can help a company ease the process of data and customer management through different clouds – sales, marketing, social network, workforce, etc. It is a proven technology for companies having great volumes of data as it promises correctness from premise to cloud.

Integration of Magento and Salesforce

Magento & Salesforce together, serve as complementary programs to each other. Where Magento provides infrastructure to an online store, there Salesforce provides a front-end to address customer queries. The software integrates with sales, marketing and customer service tools of Magento to promise a cozy user experience. The powerful combination not only streamlines enterprise operations, but also enables it to:

  • Convert abandoned shopping carts
  • Monitor customer data with leads
  • Ensure greater degree of client satisfaction
  • Have insight into sales

The real-time integration of Magento & Salesforce lubricates the revenue cycle of all enterprises.


Salesforce and Magento both are equally necessary for the growth of any business; revenue and success that require adequate amount of maintenance. The manner in which Magento Salesforce integration may differ, the overall advantages remain the same. Majority of benefits are concerned with information storage related to various sources like tracking of supplies, payment processing, order management, shopping carts and customers.
Now, if advantages remain same, why would you migrate Salesforce to Magento driven ecommerce portal? The answer is simple – it promises you loyal customers through

  • Prompt Reporting
  • Quick Processing
  • Quick Follow-up
  • Best ERP
  • Better Management
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Transparent User Interface

Is Integration of Magento and Salesforce necessary?

It is not mandatory for companies to integrate Magento with Salesforce CRM (customer relationship management). However, the real-time integration process is recommended if companies are tired of sustaining both Salesforce CRM as well as Magento autonomously. Integration overcomes the problems of massive idleness of information, managing novel product campaigns and enormous cost of labor in controlling two systems independently. These problems are common if a particular ecommerce attempts to run Magento and Salesforce simultaneously. Thus, most enterprises prefer to integrate Magento with Salesforce.

The integration of Magento & Salesforce CRM is the best method to guarantee the accomplishment of the ecommerce business through the development of a user-friendly environment for clients along with a seamless process for the business.

Why Proper Selection of Software Company is Important?

With the increasing popularity of Salesforce in the Ecommerce market, the demand to migrate Salesforce has also increased recently. Several software firms provide this service, but few possess the suitable approach and expertise to deliver; it is necessary to seek a good software company that can handle the task. Successful integration of Salesforce with Magento requires in-depth examination of future expansion plans, business processes, and future targeted demographics and buyers’ segment. The experts take care of every pre-migration exercise to make a considerable difference. Even the most advanced Magento-Salesforce site requires promotion in this era of cutthroat competition. So, it is important to select a company that has experience in Magento SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well. Consult us to make best decision.