Success Story: John Matouk & Co

Success Story: John Matouk & Co.

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The Quest for a Robust System Integration Solution

Matouk, a company that sells finely crafted linens and home accessories, was looking for a way to synchronize data between its Magento e-commerce platform and its Salesforce CRM. After evaluating a few options, Stuart Kiely, Sr., Director of Technology and Marketing at Matouk, decided to go with PowerSync’s Magento-Salesforce integration, as he believed in the organization’s strength and capability to deliver according to business requirements.“PowerSync offered a robust way to move that data from the e-commerce system to the CRM. There was enough flexibility in the product that we could do exactly what we needed without any customization. Also, the technical support was willing and eager to help with our installation and ongoing maintenance. Lastly, it was an affordable solution given the value of the data that was being moved between systems,” Kiely said.In addition to accomplishing the integration between two of its essential business systems, Kiely said his company was impressed by the knowledge and passion exhibited by the PowerSync team.“There seemed to be a strong level of engineering/support behind the product and a desire to make continuous improvement to features and stability. It was fairly easy to set up on both the Salesforce side and Magento side and was much cheaper than developing a custom solution using available APIs or off-the-shelf, generic ETL solutions,” he said.

The Outcome

As a result of using PowerSync’s Magento-Salesforce integration, Matouk is able to make good use of customer data from its e-commerce store. Its CRM has become more powerful and the platforms seamlessly sync with each other without the need to do the job manually.

“With PowerSync, [Salesforce] is more holistic and offers a more complete and up-to-date picture of all our customers, their purchasing behaviours, product preferences, etc. This data forms the foundation of a strong brand that can deliver a top-quality customer experience informed by data,” Kiely said. 

Kiely is a happy customer and highly recommends PowerSync for integration between Magento and Salesforce.

“Transactions are just one part of the customer journey and the transactional data needs to be joined together with everything else we know about the customer. Any business that gets the importance of tying this data together, and uses these two platforms, would benefit from PowerSync,” he said.

After implementing PowerSync’s time-saving integration, Kiely said Matouk is better able to turn data into actionable steps that help improve customer retention efforts.

“There is a treasure trove of data sitting in your eCommerce system….how are you extracting it and merging it with other valuable data to make it actionable? If you can’t act on the data, it’s a wasted asset. PowerSync helps move the data efficiently to a place where it can become more actionable and, therefore, more valuable.”

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Put PowerSync to Work for Your Business Today

The PowerSync team would like to thank Stuart Kiely, Sr. for expressing his feedback. We are truly honored to receive such an assessment. Our team strives to deliver the best level of service in the industry and approaches each one of our clients’ implementations with the highest care. Seeing our clients happy is the best reward for our work.

PowerSync has helped businesses save thousands of hours of manual data entry with its Magento + Salesforce integration. The solution automatically syncs data between the two systems.

If you would like more information about our product, watch the video below and schedule a time to speak with us.


Hundreds of thousands of companies today use Salesforce and Magento for customer relationship management and online commerce. These two market-leading solutions provide a rock-solid foundation for successful online business, but aligning data and processes between them is a major challenge why because these two platforms don’t have an easy way to talk to each other. 

Keeping real-time accurate data for both Salesforce and Magento requires substantial manual attention that wastes time, resources and capital. Yet, if the data is not synchronized, businesses run the risk of serious inventory customer and finance problems.

At PowerSync, smooth Salesforce-Magento communication is our central goal. We have produced an intelligent connector that lets your business pass data between your Magento store and your Salesforce CRM. It works while your customers are shopping online or your sales representatives are logging phone orders directly into Magento. It’s an efficient and complete commerce data system.

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