Environmental Lights

Client Success Story

"Unlike other monolithic, software companies I've worked with, the PowerSync team tried to understand what I [needed] to accomplish and acted as TRUE PARTNERS in devising ways to meet my goals…"

-Jamison Day, CFO Environmental Lights

Company Profile

LED lighting solutions provider

Industry Leader

Location: San Diego, CA

The Background

In the spring of 2016, Environmental Lights, an industry leader in providing LED lighting solutions, implemented Salesforce as its CRM. Jamison Day, CFO, quickly realized the need to synchronize the data from the company's existing Magento website. He wanted to give his sales team the ability to see customer and order information in Salesforce and avoid spending the time on manual data entry or switching from one system to the other.

The Solution

After evaluating many options, the company chose to move forward with PowerSync.

"Our sales team is able to see all matter of Magento information without having to leave Salesforce," says Mr. Day. "Moreover, if they wish to drill into more detail, PowerSync provides extensive linking between the two systems so navigating back and forth between Magento and Salesforce is simple and easy." By providing its staff with easy access to information, Environmental Lights has enabled its sales team to be more efficient and effective.

The Implementation

"My experience with PowerSync has been absolutely amazing," Mr. Day assured. "I think the product itself is rock-solid and feature rich. But the thing I found amazing was the service. The support team was able to answer all my questions and address all my concerns. Unlike other monolithic, software companies I've worked with, the PowerSync team tried to understand what I [needed] to accomplish and acted as true partners in devising ways to meet my goals, even doing hot-patches on occasion and updating their code to meet my requirements. They spent many hours (and many late nights) ensuring our implementation was as smooth as possible."

The Result

Environmental Lights has completed its PowerSync implementation and is excited about the results. "When choosing a software solution, features & functionality along with price is often on the decision spreadsheet," said Jamison Day. "However, in reality, service and support can be more important. When we first installed PowerSync, we did not fully understand how to deploy it to fully leverage its capabilities. By working with the PowerSync support team, we were able to implement a solution that meets all our needs. Notably, PowerSync was able to address some of our specific needs in a software update/release showing astounding agility and customer focus in a short time. I give PowerSync my highest recommendation."

The PowerSync team wants to thank Jamison Day for expressing his feedback. We are truly honored to receive such an assessment. Our team strives to deliver the best level of service in the industry and approaches each one of our clients' implementations with the highest care. Seeing our clients happy is the best reward for our work.