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Magento Salesforce - Directional Mappings

By Powersync Team May 11, 2016 3326 Views No comments

Salesforce and Magento serve different purpose and filling different needs. Based on those differences in most of the cases merchants want to store CRM relevant information in Salesforce and e-commerce related information in Magento, however there is a big overlap and that is where the "mappings" come into play.

Using PowerSync events to trigger or bypass Salesforce synchronization

By Powersync Team August 2, 2015 3906 Views No comments

PowerSync offers system integrators and developers a way to initiate data synchronization from Magento into Salesfoce via PHP code or prevent synchronization all together.

Installing PowerSync Magento Extension

By Powersync Team December 26, 2014 5526 Views No comments

Instructions on how to install PowerSync Magento extension in Magento

Installing Salesforce Managed Package

By Powersync Team January 25, 2014 5712 Views No comments

Installing Salesforce managed package into your Salesforce Organization

Connector Installation Guide

By Powersync Team January 25, 2014 7422 Views No comments

Need help installing Powersync connector?

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