Whether you are a B2B merchant or simply do not wish to expose pricing on your Magento store - Cart2Quote is the leading solution for Magento that gives merchants all the tools they need to add robust and complete RFQ (Request for Quote) functionality to their Magento store which enables merchants to provide customized quotes to their online shoppers before making a purchase. In addition to the standard RFQ functionality Cart2Quote enables you to easily manage pre-sales communication to stay on top of every potential sale.

Cart2Quote and PowerSync are happy to announce that both companies are partnering with each other and will be offering extended and integrated functionality to customers using Cart2Quote and PowerSync in their Magento webshop.

Initial integration between both extensions enables Cart2Quote and PowerSync customers to bring Magento Quotation Requests into Salesforce, as well as synchronizing any changes to the quote as those may take place through the pre-sales process.

Every business is different and you, as a merchant, may not need all the information from the Magento Quote passed into Salesforce, or you may have some custom fields that your development team has added to support your business process. No problem! PowerSync allows you to manage what data you wish to synchronize between your e-commerce store and CRM.

To top it all off, when a Magento Quote is converted into a sale (Magento Order), newly created order is synchronized with Salesforce automatically and linked to the quote from which the sale originated.

As Cart2Quote and PowerSync continue to build stronger partnership – both partners will be working together to give merchants a more feature-full integration in the future.

Need more proof? Ask for a demo and we'll show you all of your data working in harmony.