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May 2019

Magento Imagine 2019

By Anna Krasnykh May 22, 2019 7000 Views No comments

Each year the biggest event the Magento Community looks forward to is Magento Imagine in Las Vegas. And Imagine 2019 did not disappoint! In this blog, the PowerSync founder and CEO, Igor Krasnykh, recaps his experience at this year's event.

Magento and Salesforce Connector: System Reliability Release 2019

By Powersync Team May 18, 2019 4351 Views No comments

We are pleased to present PowerSync Salesforce Integration release 2.5 called "System Reliability 2019". This release holds one of the most anticipated features, the new Salesforce synchronization queue.

Introducing optimized Magento and Salesforce synchronization queue!

In older versions, the queue was limited to a 5-minute interval, which guaranteed the best performance; however, there were several limitations:

  1. Partial synchronization of data when Salesforce goes into maintenace or when the Salesforce system is under a heavy load.
  2. Minimum recommended schedule interval of 5 minutes.
  3. Assumed object dependency, resulting in a not optimal process.

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