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Why Magento stores with Subscription models have higher ROI

By Anna Krasnykh June 11, 2019 8113 Views No comments

This article covers how implementing Magento Subscriptions increases your bottom line and Return on Investment (ROI). Implementing Magento recurring orders guarantees the business with a more predictable revenue stream, which can be used to calculate some important financial metrics. Providing your customers with benefits like convenience, flexibility (such as through Magento recurring billing) and unique personalized experiences will keep your customers coming back and build brand loyalty.

Magento Imagine 2019

By Anna Krasnykh May 22, 2019 6082 Views No comments

Each year the biggest event the Magento Community looks forward to is Magento Imagine in Las Vegas. And Imagine 2019 did not disappoint! In this blog, the PowerSync founder and CEO, Igor Krasnykh, recaps his experience at this year's event.

Magento and Salesforce Connector: System Reliability Release 2019

By Powersync Team May 18, 2019 3706 Views No comments

We are pleased to present PowerSync Salesforce Integration release 2.5 called "System Reliability 2019". This release holds one of the most anticipated features, the new Salesforce synchronization queue.

Introducing optimized Magento and Salesforce synchronization queue!

In older versions, the queue was limited to a 5-minute interval, which guaranteed the best performance; however, there were several limitations:

  1. Partial synchronization of data when Salesforce goes into maintenace or when the Salesforce system is under a heavy load.
  2. Minimum recommended schedule interval of 5 minutes.
  3. Assumed object dependency, resulting in a not optimal process.

Subscription Business Maturity - Stage 2

By Anna Krasnykh February 7, 2019 3444 Views No comments

Have you gotten past the challenges of the "Ad Hoc" stage? Great! But new ones wait just around the corner. In this blog we discuss some tips to get you through the stage of Opportunists.

Value of a CRM Integration

By Anna Krasnykh February 7, 2019 3451 Views No comments

Should you use a CRM and an ecommerce platform concurrently? Is there value in integrating the two?

New Master Card Rules for Merchants Offering Free Trials

By Anna Krasnykh January 22, 2019 2211 Views No comments

In this blog post we discuss the January 2019 rule change made by Mastercard and it's implications for Subscription businesses.

2019 CRM Goals for Ecommerce

By Anna Krasnykh January 15, 2019 2232 Views No comments

Now that we are a couple of weeks into 2019, let's talk about CRM goals for ecommerce. After reviewing the latest research and surveying our own customers, here's our list!

Subscription Business Maturity - Stage 1

By Anna Krasnykh September 26, 2018 2593 Views No comments

Using IDC's MaturityScape, we break Subscription Business Maturity into 5 stages. This blog introduces the first stage, discusses its characteristics and offers strategy to move up the ladder.

Magento 2 QuickBooks Online Integration: Release# 2.1.16 and 2.1.24

By Anna Krasnykh August 15, 2018 1439 Views No comments

Magento2 + QuickBooks Online Release #2.1.16 for the FREE Version (Released on 08.14.2018)

Magento 2+QuickBooks Online release #2.1.24 for the Paid Version (Released on 08.14.2018)

Subscription Insights: 2 Types of Churn

By Anna Krasnykh August 14, 2018 1559 Views No comments

What is Customer and Revenue Churn and why is it important to track both metrics for a Subscription business?

Magento 2 and Salesforce Integration: Release# 2.3.8

By Anna Krasnykh August 14, 2018 1457 Views No comments

Magento 2 + Salesforce Release #2.3.8 - FREE Version (Released on 08.14.2018)

Magento 2 + Salesforce Release #2.3.8 - Paid Version (Released on 08.14.2018)

Subscription Insights: Top and Bottom Performers in Subscription Commerce

By Anna Krasnykh July 20, 2018 1531 Views No comments

Subscriptions have seen tremendous growth in the recent years and, as a result, more and more companies turn to this business model. However, getting the offering right has proven to be challenging. In this blog, we'll take a look at the specific differences (and similarities) between the Top and Bottom performers in Subscription Commerce.

Magento 2 Salesforce Integration Demo

By Anna Krasnykh July 11, 2018 2397 Views No comments

The Salesforce integration for Magento 2 from PowerSync offers a flexible and customizable way to synchronize store data with your CRM. By automating the data flow, you can reduce manual data entry, and eliminate wasted time and human error. PowerSync's extension is unique because the integration is highly configurable and can be made to fit any organization's processes. The following video demonstrates how an order placed in Magento gets synchronized with Salesforce.

Subscription Insights: CA Senate Bill 313 and Your Auto-Renewals

By Anna Krasnykh June 29, 2018 2512 Views No comments

The California Senate Bill No. 313 goes into effect July 1st, 2018. But what does it mean for your Auto-Renewing Subscriptions?

TCW Digital & PowerSync

By Anna Krasnykh June 25, 2018 2588 Views No comments

Read the following Success Story to find out how PowerSync was able to help one of their partners and the client with a QuickBooks Online integration for Magento 2 that required filtering logic customizations.

Magento 2 QuickBooks Online Integration Demo

By Anna Krasnykh June 18, 2018 2278 Views No comments

The QuickBooks Online integration for Magento 2 from PowerSync is an excellent way to reduce manual data entry for your accounting department. By automating the data flow from your Magento website, you can cut down the time it takes to close your books and eliminate errors. This video provides an introduction to our QuickBooks Online integration.

Benefits of using CRM for Ecommerce

By Anna Krasnykh May 23, 2018 5030 Views 1 comment

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential part of any organization and ecommerce is not an exception. When implemented correctly, a CRM platform provides access to invaluable information about your customers and business operations. It can make your staff more efficient, act as a critical tool to guide business decisions, and, as a result, increase your bottom line.

Subscription Insights: Churn and 3 Ways to Reduce it

By Anna Krasnykh May 16, 2018 1697 Views No comments

One of the key metrics in Subscription Business Management is churn. This blog explains what churn is, provides some benchmarks for the B2B and B2C markets and offers ways to reduce it.

QuickBooks Online Integration Features

By Anna Krasnykh April 24, 2018 2320 Views No comments

The QuickBooks integration for Magento 2 from PowerSync automates the data flow between your Magento ecommerce store and QuickBooks Online. The features of our extension are summarized into 5 categories in this blog post. Work smarter, not harder!

magento quickbooks extension

Subscription Insights: 4 Ways to Improve your Offering

By Anna Krasnykh March 28, 2018 1556 Views No comments

Today we are seeing more and more companies introduce a Subscription business model. Whether it is a brand-new subscription box startup, an established merchant wanting to provide its customers with the convenience of auto-replenishing their orders, a publication business selling a magazine subscription, or a software company offering its service, there are similar factors that influence their success. Subscription ecommerce, as a whole, has seen tremendous growth over the last 5 years. Statistics show these businesses growing at more than 100% per year (Chen, et al. 2018). As a result, it is no surprise that investors and business owners alike find this growth, coupled with revenue predictability, extremely appealing.

But what do the successful Subscription companies have in common? How do they get customers to sign up for a subscription? And, more importantly, how do they keep them?

Here are 4 strategies you can apply today to improve (or implement in) your subscription offering...

More Power to You!

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