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Powersync Connector

Introducing easy Magento-Salesforce integration for products, orders, customers, newsletter subscriptions and contact us form. Powersync gives you complete control over trans-application data mapping.

  • Core Features:
  • Customer, Product, Order Synchronization
  • Integrate with Salesforce Opportunities
  • Multi-store Support
  • Flexible Data Mappings
  • Integration with Native Salesforce Objects
  • Realtime & Manual Sync Options
  • Lead Assignment Rules Support
  • Enterprise ONLY Features*:
  • Interval Based Synchronization
  • Integrate with Salesforce Orders
  • Catalog Inventory Synchronization
  • Bi-directional Synchronization Support
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Contact Us Form Integration
  • History Data Synchronization

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Powersync Boosters

Let us help you optimize Powersync Integration!

Powersync will set up the integration for you on your site(s) and configure your Salesforce org.

one-time fee

We'll train your whole team to use and customize Powersync Integration.

one-time fee